Domen Ribnikar, MD



Name: Domen Ribnikar, MD
Last 2 Hospitals/Depts: Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network (fellowship)
610 University Avenue, M5G 2M9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Medical Oncology Department, Zaloska cesta 2, 1000
Ljubljana, Slovenia (current position)

(June 19 th 2008): Graduated from Medical Faculty of Ljubljana, Slovenia – Doctor of Medicine, with average grade of 8.5 (grading from 6 – 10)
(August 1 st 2008 – January 31 st 2009): Internship at General Hospital Jesenice, concluded with professional examination
(February 1 st 2009 – August 31 st 2009): Internship at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Medical Oncology Department
(September 1 st 2009 – May 31 st 2015): Residency of Medical Oncology at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
(October 1 st 2012 – present): Postgraduate PhD studies in Biomedicine at the Medical Faculty of Ljubljana, Slovenia
(June 1 st 2014 – November 1 st 2014): Fellowship (a breast cancer research fellow) under the supervision of Fatima Cardoso, MD, in the Champalimaud cancer center in Lisbon, Portugal, Breast Unit
(June 1 st 2015 – August 31 st 2016): A medical oncologist at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia
(September 10 th 2016 – September 1 st 2018): Clinical research Fellowship in the Breast Unit, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 1 st 2018 – present: Medical oncologist at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Slovenia

Peer reviewed publications
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Special awards/achievements
December 2007: Medical Faculty Prešeren Award for Research Work – The clinical course of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients

June 2013: Award for poster presentation of clinical cohort study which was presented by Domen Ribnikar on his own in Opatija, as a part of CEOC 2013: Prognosis of two cohorts of HER-2 positive breast cancer patients not being treated with adjuvant antiHER-2 therapy: patients with small tumors and polimorbid patients

ESMO examination (Amsterdam 2013): achieved a great success in the ESMO Examination held on the 28 th of September in Amsterdam, Netherlands (ranking the 8 th of 268 candidates)

September 2017: ESMO congress in Madrid, Spain: received the Best poster award for the original research entitled Reporting of randomized trials in common cancers in the lay media

May 2018: 2017-2018 Citizenship Award Runner up, Division of Medical Oncology and Hematology, Toronto, Canada, Ontario

June 2022: A national award for best oncologist in Slovenia in 2022 (patients’ decision).

Date of signature: December 28 2022